Our Story


 Cat Pierce was raised in Alabama by hippie parents who instilled in her a deep love for all things creative. An accomplished musician, painter, and tarot deck creator, Cat turned her eye towards creating a non-toxic beauty line after a long struggle with fertility. " I wanted products that looked, felt, and smelled amazing...and that would keep my skin looking beautiful without compromising my health and baby goals."

 Cat had been experimenting with creating balms, oils, and perfume blends since childhood, but became more serious about the venture in recent years. "Creating the line became something that kept my spirits up even when I would face the disappointments and set-backs that can come when trying to get pregnant later in life. I was constantly on the lookout for signs and good omens from the Universe to keep going. Immersing myself in nature and all of her beautiful gifts became such an inspiration. I did a deep dive into which oils and butters would really benefit the skin without causing irritation or disruptions. I sourced quality, organic ingredients and I blended them while singing my intentions and prayers and blessings into them. I concocted some really special potions and I  started giving my creations to friends and family and everyone kept wanting more...My husband said, "You've got to do something with this!". I was getting feedback about glowing skin and smaller pores and I realized that I was on to something".

Omen was launched in late 2022, the year Cat finally gave birth to her baby girl. "I continued using my products even after I had the baby because what you put on your skin inevitably ends up on your baby so you want it to be clean and natural... Also, my skin never looked better. I'm excited to offer my products to people who are on a similar journey or who simply value beautiful, all natural products made with love and care."

Every aspect of the Omen sensory experience was created and hand-crafted by Cat. "Each product is like a little gift to yourself and should be used with loving intention. 

My hope is that beauty rituals can be small, daily acts of self-care and self-love that connect you to your senses and your spirit."